From April 1st 2009, Gas Safe Register replaces CORGI gas registration as the official gas safety body. Click here to find out more


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Gas Safe Register is the new hallmark for gas safety in Great Britain. From April 1st 2009, Gas Safe Register replaces CORGI gas registration as the official gas safety body.

So, from 1st April, by law, only Gas Safe registered engineers should carry out work on gas appliances or installations in your home.

Why do I need to use a Gas Safe registered engineer? It’s all about safety. To make sure that gas appliances such as boilers, fires, ovens and hobs are installed, maintained and serviced safely you should employ a Gas Safe registered engineer to carry out the work.

If someone other than a Gas Safe registered engineer does the gas work in your home, you could be risking the safety of your family and your property.

Why is CORGI gas registration in Great Britain ending? The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) undertook a review of gas safety in 2006. This review concluded that there was a strong case for modernising the gas registration scheme to bring added benefits to gas consumers and gas engineers. The review called for a clearer focus on gas safety, and simple registration and competence requirements for gas engineers without compromising safety or service standards. It was an opportunity to build on the successes of the existing registration scheme, and at the same time introduce innovation and add value to gas consumer safety.

What will happen to any existing investigations of registered installers? Any ongoing HSE, LA or police investigations against CORGI registered installers will continue and be unaffected. Any ongoing investigations of consumer complaints against CORGI registered installers in connection with the gas registration scheme will be passed to Gas Safe Register for completion.

How do I check my engineer is Gas Safe registered? Always ask for the card. All Gas Safe registered engineers have an ID card with their licence number and a photograph. The licence number is easily verified on the website or by phone and we will get back to you with confirmation of the engineer’s name. If you think your engineer is not registered, just call 0800 408 5500 or let us know via our website.

How do I find a Gas Safe registered engineer? To find a Gas Safe registered engineer in your area, just come back to our website on 1 April or call us on 0800 408 5500.

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Are you a landlord or letting agent? Landlords are legally responsible for the safety of tenants. So, to make sure any property you own is safe, all appliances must have a safety check carried out every 12 months by a Gas Safe registered engineer. You must give your tenant a record of that safety check within 28 days or to a new tenant before they move in. Remember you must keep a record of each safety check for two years.

All existing gas safety records will be valid until their expiry date (even if that date is later than 1st April 2009). Any gas safety record given to you after 1st April 2009 will only be valid if the engineer is registered with Gas Safe Register.

Letting agents need to be sure of exactly who is managing the gas duties at all properties. If it’s contractually your responsibility, then the same conditions apply to you as that of the landlord.

Are you living in a rented property? As a tenant, it is important to always check the ID of any gas engineer that comes to do work at your property. From 1 April 2009, the engineer must be a Gas Safe registered engineer.

It’s in your best interest to co-operate with the landlord whenever a gas safety check or maintenance needs to be carried out by letting the engineer in to do the work. And don’t forget to make sure your landlord supplies you with a copy of the safety check within 28 days of it being carried out or before you move in.

Remember, if you think a gas appliance is faulty turn it off and let your landlord know immediately.

In an emergency: If you smell gas or think there might be a gas leak: turn off the gas at the meter, extinguish naked flames, open windows and leave the area. Seek medical advice if you feel unwell. Call the Gas Emergency Freephone Number 0800 111 999.

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