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North East Underfloor Heating Installation Service


So why choose under floor heating ?
Having a warm home is something we all take for granted. For a long time the use of radiators in the UK has been an accepted way of providing that warmth. Advancements in technology have increased all our expectations and is able to provide a more economical and natural warmth. Underfloor heating in the UK is going through a rapid surge of growth for one simple reason:
It is a far superior way to heat your home !

COMPLETE COMFORT - A gentle, even warmth throughout

COMPLETE FREEDOM - No more compromising in your interior design

COMPLETE SPACE - Maximises your entire floor space

COMPLETE EFFICIENCY - Fuel costs reduced, kinder on the environment and your pocket

COMPLETE HEALTH - Dust laden convection currents are virtually eliminated

COMPLETE PEACE OF MIND -No sharp edged radiators and no high temperature surfaces

A complete system which delivers a near perfect living environment.

Is under floor heating for you ?
A modern well-insulated building, either domestic or commercial will readily accept a floor heating system and provide excellent comfort levels for the occupants. The simplicity of the system, and the fact that it is essentially the same equipment providing the same excellent results in either a conservatory or an aircraft hangar is an enormous advantage over convective methods of heating.
The basis of any well-designed heating system is to provide a comfortable environment for the occupants, so it is worth thinking more along the lines of heating the occupants - not the building.
Providing a comfort zone from the floor up to approximately 2.5 metres is an economical and sensible way to approach this, and is easily achieved by utilising the floor structure as the heat source.
The Begetube underfloor heating system is suitable for a wide range of applications. However, the operation of floor heating is not suitable for buildings that are used intermittently or infrequently.
Domestic housing, offices, schools, nursing homes and hospitals are but a few examples that would greatly benefit from underfloor heating.

Underfloor heating is very effective when used in areas with high ceilings as the heat profile generated from a warmed floor provides a comfort level for the occupants without having to waste energy heating the total volume of the area.
If you are in the process of building your own home or are planning to totally renovate a property or if you are adding an extension or conservatory to your current home, then under floor heating can work for you.

Underfloor heating can be installed as a total heating solution for your entire home (new-build or renovation) or can work in conjunction with your current central heating system.

For example, if your home is currently fitted with a central heating boiler and radiators in all rooms, under floor heating can easily be connected into the heating circuit if you are adding a conservatory or extension

Floor Structures
When the decision is made to use underfloor heating, the first consideration should be the floor construction.
Underfloor heating can be installed in most types of floor construction.
Pictured below are examples of some of the most commonly used.
There are of course several other methods of installing our systems, so please contact us if you need assistance or friendly advice.

Structural Slab Floor
Common method for ' high load ' floors giving the same end result as a screeded floor, a gentle even warmth throughout your home.

Screed Floor
This is the most commonly used method and arguably the most effective floor construction for floor heating.

Suspended Timber Floor
This is the most commonly used method and arguably the most effective floor construction for floor heating.


Floor coverings
It is important to remember that any material (except tiles) laid over a warmed floor will have an insulating effect. The insulating effect will reduce the output into the occupied space and raise the temperature of the floor structure beneath. This is easily compensated for at the design stage, thus the reason for needing to know the proposed final floor covering. Generally speaking any of the normal accepted floor coverings are suitable for use with underfloor heating, that is carpet and underlay, hardwood, laminates, vinyl and of course tiles.

Another important point that is very rarely considered is that floor heating opens up a new world with regard to floor coverings. All the traditionally "cold" coverings such as hardwood, laminate or tile are of course now warm underfoot. These materials are also a lot easier to keep clean and are less likely to harbour carpet mites and dust. The Begetube system will always be designed with the final floor covering taken into consideration.

It is not recommended that softwood flooring or cork tiles are used over floor heating, If in doubt please get in touch.

Warranties & Guarantees
Begetube UK Ltd provides a ten year system guarantee warranty in writing, from the date of delivery on the quality of the Begetube piping & manifold systems. Pumps & controls are covered by individual manufacturer's guarantees.
Begetube UK agree to reimburse all costs & damages which are a direct consequence of a production error to the pipes or the accessories.
Following the 1st 10 years of guarantee, Begetube UK Ltd will guarantee the pipe for a further 40 years.